Wooden Watches: The Latest Fashion Staple


Today, there are a lot of environment friendly products that make better alternatives for the non-biodegradable ones. One example of these environment friendly alternatives include the bamboo toothbrush that can be used for those who wish to ditch their plastic non-biodegradable ones. For the plastic straws that usually pollute the oceans, there are also stainless straws, wheat straw straws or bamboo straws available for those who are done with throwing away thousands of straws every year.

There are also wooden earrings, necklaces and even barrettes for those who are looking for environment friendly accessories. Yet one of the most popular accessories that has become so popular these days is the wooden watch. The wooden watch replaces the plastic watch that is mostly used these days and all the other materials such as stainless steel or cloth. There are a lot of people these days who are switching to wooden watches because these products are not only environment friendly but they also offer a lot of benefits for the people who use them.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from the wooden watch and providing you with an allergic free material for the strap is one of them. The wooden straps in these watches are hypoallergenic so you can make sure that you will never get an allergic reaction when using it. You can also make sure that your wooden watch is perfect for everyday use because it is very lightweight.

The beautiful wooden design is also very unique and is far from the common designs available in the market today so you will surely standout with the wooden watch. If you also want to change the design of the wooden strap that you have, you can also dispose of the old one and change it without the guilt of throwing the old one away since it will easily decompose over time. The wooden watches also have non-toxic straps so it is also suitable for the children.

These just some of the benefits that you can get in this environment friendly wooden watch and for added bonus, these watches also have a packaging that is made of recycled paper so you can really say that it completely supports your eco-friendly movement. So wait no more and get yourself a wooden watch now! You can click this link https://www.ehow.com/how_5954283_homemade-wooden-watch-box.html  for more great tips!

For the best wooden watches you could ever get for yourself or as a gift to your loved one, click here to visit the Lux Wood website now for some of the greatest deals perfect for you. Wooden watches are not only perfect to start your environment friendly lifestyle but with them you can also make sure that you will enjoy lots of benefits.


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